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What is a Biological Dentist?

WHAT IS A BIOLOGICAL DENTIST? FOR DR.ROZE BIOHEALTH CLINICS | MONDAY May 02nd, 2022 Biological dentistry is an alternative approach that focuses on the use of non-toxic restorative materials for dental work, and emphasizes the unrecognized impact that dental toxins and dental infections may have on a person’s overall health. Biodentistry takes into consideration a person’s overall…


How does diabetes affect oral health?

HOW DOES DIABETES AFFECT ORAL HEALTH? FOR DR.ROZE BIOHEALTH CLINICS | FRIDAY April 29th, 2022 Patients with diabetes are more likely to have oral health problems such as cavities, gum infections and problems with jaw bones. As you age, these risks become even more profound. You will need to be much more vigilant about taking…


How do I deal with dental anxiety?

HOW DO I DEAL WITH DENTAL ANXIETY? FOR DR.ROZE BIOHEALTH CLINICS | MONDAY April 25nd, 2022 Dental anxiety is the condition of feeling fear, anxiety and stress when visiting the dental clinic. It can be as simple as general unease or a full-blown panic attack at even the thought of visiting your dentist or hygienist.…